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House / Office /Villa Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning professionals are:Fully Equipped: Our staff will be at your doorstep with the necessary chemical, tools, and equipment to achieve first-rate deep clean. The staff is trained in using all the equipment required to carry out thorough deep cleaning.
Skilled and Capable: Deep cleaning is different from the normal cleaning because of its complexity and the outstanding results demanded. Thus, it demands special skills and abilities to bring out the best results possible. We have a special team of trained cleaners fully dedicated to deep cleaning services in Dubai.
Experienced: When you book with us, the best deep clean professionals in Dubai will come to your place. They are experienced in the deep cleaning apartment, villas, and office in different conditions and able to bring the best results.
Prices start at AED 210 for Studio apartment you can book online by clicking the book now button below, if you would like to request a quote based on specific reequipments please fill up the form below, our sales team will get in touch with you.

This Service Include:

    Thorough dusting and vacuuming of entire space
    Deep Cleaning of all internal windows and window frames
    Grease removal from kitchen walls, and counters
    Thorough cleaning of all cabinetry and wardrobes
    Cleaning of balcony and balcony rails from inside.
    Thorough cleaning of all floors.
    Removal of grime build up in bathroom bath, toilet, shower heads and taps.
    Using of water pressure machine, steaming machines when required for extra deep cleaning.

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If you would like us to contact you for deep cleaning requirement, please fill up the form below, one of our team will contact you shortly.

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