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vacation rental cleaning

Vacation Rental cleaning services 

did you know that the cleanliness of a holiday home is one of the most important aspects of a well-reviewed vacation rental business? And that the lack of thorough cleaning is a frequent cause for complaint by unsatisfied guests?

A good cleaning routine will prevent you from missing spots, simplify your processes and speed up your workload. If you do not have the opportunity or do not have time to clean the property yourself, a good option could be to hire a local cleaning company. They will take care of the cleaning in a professional way and leave you to your managing duties!

1.Why hiring a cleaning company is important?

Hiring a cleaner doesn’t just save you time and keep your guests happy, they can also save you money. Experienced vacation property cleaners know to look for damage or missing items, and can report a problem immediately following a guest’s departure.

Efficient cleaners can take inventories, monitor the availability of cleaning products or guest amenities, and help you manage your property. They can also clean to a hospitality standard, ensuring your guests get the best treatment while staying in your unique property.

2. What we will do?

First strip bedding, collect towels, begin launderingChange linens before vacuuming if using a fresh set, or remake beds and replace towels once driedWash windows and glass doors after dusting but before vacuuming or sweepingEmpty trash as you leave each roomAdd amenities such as spare toilet paper, toiletries, and welcome gifts to each room when you finish cleaning
Dust light fixtures and fittings, above doors and curtainsWipe down window blinds and wall hangingsDust TV and level surfacesUse a disinfectant wipe to clean remote controls, light switches, door handles, and other high-touch pointsVacuum or sweep thoroughly, including under furniture
Dust light fixtures and above doors, mirrors, and wall hangingsDiscard any empty bottles and boxesClean shower walls and floor, including plughole and door tracksDisinfect levels surfacesClean sink, faucets, and plugholeClean toilet, including the outside of the bowl and under the seatDisinfect cupboard and door handlesDisinfect the floor
Dust light fixtures, cooker hood, door frames, and cupboardsWipe down inside cupboardsClean microwave, fridge, oven, and other appliancesWash dishes and put awayClean the sink, including faucets, plughole, and garbage disposalMop floorLIVING AREAS
Dust lights, door frames, TV, and wall hangingsWipe down window blinds, level surfaces, and ornamentsClean TV remotes, light switches, and door handlesVacuum furniture and plump cushionsVacuum or sweep floor, including under tables and sofas