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Available Daily from 9AM to 8 PM

Tel: (971) 4 2766271  

Available Daily from 9AM to 8 PM

After Building Construction Cleaning

Quick and cost efficient solution for construction companies

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Professional After / Post Construction Cleaning Company

Are you looking for affordable post-construction cleaning services? You have hit the right place. Ideal Cleaning is a certified company that offers affordable deals for post-construction cleaning services in Dubai. Dealing with the post-construction mess is a stressful job. We offer eco-friendly floor-to-ceiling post-construction services beyond your imagination. We provide commercial, residential, and industrial post-construction cleaning services. Let us handle all the dirty stuff at your construction site to ensure 100% results!
We offer a variety of construction cleaning services in Dubai to conquer all your post-construction needs. Our professional cleaners turn your space into a livable and workable area once the construction process is ended. We offer the following post-construction cleaning services:
Removing dust, dirt, and grease from countertops, window & door frames, light fixtures, woodwork, ceiling fans, and surfacesScrubbing and cleaning scuffs, smudges, paint spots, and dirt from walls and floorsCleaning of interior and exterior masonryRemoving stickers from window & door glass and cabinetsWashing and cleaning window blinds and curtainsCleaning inside of cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and closetsVacuuming and disinfection of flooringsDusting air ducts and many more..

    We use the right tools and ultra-efficient equipment for after/ post-construction cleaning.
    Our trained cleaners have hands-on experience in providing the same results as you expect.
    We use 100% environment-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products.
    We offer special deals at market competitive rates for after/ post-construction cleaning.
    Our approved cleaning products ensure 99.9% removal of bacteria, viruses, molds, and allergens from the construction site.
    Our expert cleaners are friendly and flexible to understand your requirements.
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    "During our project, Elite staff did a great job in cleaning all debris of the construction and managed to meet our deadline in handling the building sparkle clean.

    Eng. Ahmad S, Al Kaitob building contracting LLC.

Data-driven solutions

Digital business models are mainly based on data exchanges, which are now a background for running a digital business. Our company provides professional data employment of tablets, desktops, and laptops for clients all over the country. Our team of expert engineers and a devoted project planner will successfully plan the deployment and integration of your appliance.

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  • "I have no words to describe the competence of this company! They have expertise in every aspect of my business. Thanks for your help"

    Patrick Pool, CEO at BigBiz CO.

We create awesome things

Our creative and experienced Company is proud to provide professional web development and mobile application services. We have a team of award-winning web designers and developers passionate about creating something special for each client. We aim to make useful innovative products which are easy to use, look great, and work really well.

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  • "I was happy to work with Quantum! Their efficient solutions helped us to improve a plenty of business processes"

    Anthony Brown, Project Manager at StarBiz Co.