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After Building Construction Cleaning Service

Elite Advance is a leading company that provides high-quality villas, offices and commercial cleaning services in Dubai, UAE. Our professional cleaners receive extensive training to choose the right cleaning procedure for better results. Our skilled and certified operators have hands-on experience in using high-tech machines to remove dirt, dust, germs, and grease from your place. Additionally, we use internationally accepted disinfecting chemicals to disinfect high-touch-up areas.

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Professional After / Post Construction Cleaning Company

Are you looking for affordable post-construction cleaning services? You have hit the right place. Elite Advance Cleaning is a certified company that offers affordable deals for post-construction cleaning services in Dubai. Dealing with the post-construction mess is a stressful job. We offer eco-friendly floor-to-ceiling post-construction services beyond your imagination. We provide commercial, residential, and industrial post-construction cleaning services. Let us handle all the dirty stuff at your construction site to ensure 100% results!
We offer a variety of construction cleaning services in Dubai to conquer all your post-construction needs. Our professional cleaners turn your space into a livable and workable area once the construction process is ended. We offer the following post-construction cleaning services:
Removing dust, dirt, and grease from countertops, window & door frames, light fixtures, woodwork, ceiling fans, and surfacesScrubbing and cleaning scuffs, smudges, paint spots, and dirt from walls and floorsCleaning of interior and exterior masonryRemoving stickers from window & door glass and cabinetsWashing and cleaning window blinds and curtainsCleaning inside of cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and closetsVacuuming and disinfection of flooringsDusting air ducts and many more..

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    We use the right tools and ultra-efficient equipment for after/ post-construction cleaning.
    Our trained cleaners have hands-on experience in providing the same results as you expect.
    We use 100% environment-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products.
    We offer special deals at market competitive rates for after/ post-construction cleaning.
    Our approved cleaning products ensure 99.9% removal of bacteria, viruses, molds, and allergens from the construction site.
    Our expert cleaners are friendly and flexible to understand your requirements.

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Post construction Villa & apartment deep cleaning

Elite Maids are experts at post-construction cleanups. Whether you’ve finished remodeling, are at the end of an insurance claim, or got carried away with the DIY, our post-construction cleaning tips will help you get your house back in order again so you can enjoy its new look.

How we work?
Major cleaning is usually done in several steps or passes, beginning with a rough clean and finishing with a touch-up clean as much as a week later.
Rough cleaning
This is the first stage of a post-construction clean, and involves removing any debris and the major sources of dirt. Following a rough clean, the property will still be dirty by ordinary standards, but the majority of the mess will be gone.

    Remove any remaining construction debris
    Tackle stains and spots such as paint and caulking splashes and adhesive residue
    Wipe down windows, glass doors, and partitions
    Remove any stickers on glass or appliances
    Wash down walls, door frames, and baseboards 
    Sweep and vacuum floors

Deep cleaning
In this stage we conduct a more thorough clean to remove all the remaining dirt. Although it might seem to be creating more work to do a post-construction clean in two passes, it’s actually more effective. Even with the most careful cleaning, dust will still get moved around and end up settling after the first pass, so it makes more sense to clean all the major dirt and then start over to ensure everything is truly clean.

Touch-up clean
After conducting the deep clean, you’ll notice that more dust than usual has settled on flat surfaces. You might also notice smudges and fingerprints showing up on windows and mirrors. We will Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down level surfaces and walls, and clean the windows to remove the last signs of construction.

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After renovation cleaning services

When your construction project or renovation is complete and construction debris have been removed, look to us to provide a final, detailed cleaning.We use advanced products and cleaning methods to make your renovated property shine. Once we’re done, you can immediately move in and enjoy a home that sparkles.

External Window Cleaning, Wall, Floor, Roof, Windows panels, Balcony, Walkway, External area of the building, Wooden floor by pool area, Garage roof, Main Entrance, Marble Floor (Entrance Door), Basketball court (rubber flooring) using specialized cleaning equipment and certified hygiene technicians.

    High standard German machines 
    Highly trained team for post construction cleaning
    100% satisfaction guarantee results

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Our process


Step 1. Inspection

Our professional cleaners inspect the area to analyze your requirements. It helps us to meet your goals within a dedicated budget.


Step 2. Selection of procedure

After on-site inspection, we choose the right procedures and chemical products to generate the best results. Your satisfaction is our core responsibility..


Step 3. Final Quality Check

Our trained team members again inspect the area after performing detailed cleaning procedures to determine the efficacy of the procedure. In case, we find any flaws; we repeat the procedure to meet your requirements. 



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