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How to Sanitize Your Home to Stay Healthy

How to Sanitize Your Home to Stay Healthy

While all schools in the UAE have been closed for two weeks followed by distance learning and are being deep cleaned to prevent coronavirus from spreading, many people are wondering what steps they can take to make their homes and workplaces cleaner and germ-free. From choosing the right type of hand sanitizer to adopting the best cleaning practices, there are several things that need to be considered. The experts at ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for sanitization cleaning services, have put together some tips to help you sanitize your home and stay healthy.  

Clean your home and workplace frequently

Recent research has revealed that coronavirus can survive on various surfaces for as long as nine days. This means that you should clean your home and workplace more often to prevent it from spreading. Consider all the areas and items that are used most often, e.g. handles, doorknobs, light switches, faucets, and tables, and clean them as frequently as possible. Doing so reduces that number of germs on these surfaces, and you can then eliminate even more germs through sanitization.

Deep clean with steam

As its name implies, deep cleaning is more comprehensive than typical home cleaning. If you get your home deep cleaned with steam, then various surfaces will be sanitized using special cleaning equipment. Not only is it a very effective way to sanitize your home, but it’s also a great chemical-free way to do so. Another health benefit of booking deep cleaning services in Dubai is that it can help you avoid allergies and pests. Even the surfaces inside your cabinets, shelves in your refrigerator, microwave, and bathroom taps and fixtures will be cleaned. Be sure to deep clean your home more often while coronavirus persists.  

Sanitize your clothes

Get your dirty clothes washed properly, especially if you’ve traveled recently, used a public transport, or had contact with a coronavirus patient. The CDC recommends that you should check the manufacturer’s instructions for your clothing items and then wash them at the warmest water setting that’s appropriate. It’s essential to make sure that clothing items are dried completely before you use them. You can also use professional laundry services that wash clothes in warm water. 

AC duct sanitization really matters  

Regular AC cleaning services don’t include the sanitization of ducts so you will have to make a special request to your maintenance company. If it’s been a while since you got the ducts of your AC cleaned, then it’s important to do it now because, besides dust, they can also gather germs and mold. The company will use special equipment to clean and sanitize the AC ducts. It’s an effective step to improve the quality of air inside your home.

Consider cleaning your sofas and carpets

From dust and dirt to germs and allergens, your carpets and upholstery gather a lot of things which can pose serious health risks. It goes without saying that coronavirus and other germs may also find their way into them. Regular vacuum cleaners may not be able to help you get rid of all the germs, dust and allergens, so it’s recommended that you should get your sofas and carpets steam cleaned professionally.    

Sanitize yourself

Last but not the least, the experts are stressing the importance of washing your hands for at least 20 seconds as frequently as possible. When washing hands is not an option, you can also use a hand sanitizer. But keep in mind that not all hand sanitizers are equal when it comes to coronavirus. You should use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Other recommendations by the CDC include not touching your mouth, nose and eyes with unwashed hands. You should also consider cleaning and disinfecting frequently used personal items like smartphones.

By adopting these habits and keeping your home clean, hygienic, and sanitized, you can protect your family and others from coronavirus. Since the process of deep cleaning your home properly requires a lot of time, expertise, and some special equipment, you should consider booking a professional service. You can do so without any hassles through EliteMaids, which only features vetted deep cleaning services.

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