Toll Free: +971 800 258
Toll Free: +971 800 258

Domestic Staff and VIP Recruitment 

Elite Maids is the most advanced Domestic Staff Recruitment Agency in the luxury domestic and private staff placement service industry.

We place, recruit and hire Housekeeper/Domestic Helper/Maid,, Nanny, Travelling Nanny, Governess, Tutor, Maternity Nurse, Babysitter, Chauffeur/Driver, Temporary Household Staff you just name it .

​The client comfort is our primary aim. We work to place domestic staff and private staff to meet client's personal needs.

We support our clients in the recruitment of household and domestic staffing in all area including private villa, apartment, and diplomatic residences.

As a recruitment and headhunting agency, we specialize in finding private, household and domestic staff , to suit both temporary and permanent positions. 

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